Apart from the permanent lighting design projects, Nipek also participates in community events and art events to create lighting installations! As new ideas often emerge from interaction and collaboration with people from different fields, these temporary installations are a testing ground for new ideas and a source of creativity that feeds back to our permanent projects.

Trip to the Colourscape

Light to Night Festival 2018

19-28 January 2018 Singapore

Organized by National Gallery Singapore


Commissioned by National Gallery Singapore for 'Light to Night Festival’, the project's goal was to transform an ordinary public park into a magical nighttime attraction. The installation consisted of three main attractions; Time Travel Tunnel, Magical Forest, and Sunset Walk. Time Tunnel was an interactive lighting installation that transformed an uninteresting pedestrian tunnel into a vibrant play of light and sound. Magical Forest was an immersive light installation with countless rays of light created by disco balls floating in the forest. Sunset Walk stretches along the water edge, with the amber to red colour scheme imitating the beautiful gradation of a sunset sky.

Organized by National Gallery Singapore

Installed by Yumetronics, The Show Company

Sponsored by Tokistar & Krislite (for spotlights for disco balls in Magical Forest)

Environmental sound design: Yasuhiro Nakai

Fire Monkey

Arts Fission

Melbourne, Australia 9&10 December 2016


Fire Monkey is a collaborative dance creation between Melbourne and Singapore. Nipek was commissioned by Arts Fission to design the spatial and lighting installations for the site-specific performance. The colorful strips made by community workshops were incorporated in the central sculptural installation representing a mystical fire.



Tawaramappu Water Park

Temporary Lighting Installation

2013 Hokkaido, Japan


The temporary lighting installation took place in August 2013 in a town called Nakashibetsu in the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido.

Taking full advantage of the topographic characteristics of the site, the two special lighting features have been designed.

- Aurora Waterfall by the river

- Luminous Field around the sunken plaza

Together with the LED lighting installations, many lanterns crafted by the local community were displayed in the sunken plaza.

This illumination is planned to be installed annually with an addition of area and lighting equipment each time.


2014 Winter Snow Festival

We were privileged to work with the supportive local community and the people of Shibetsu town again this year to light up the snow festival.

The small town in Hokkaido held the beautiful festival on 15th February 2014.

Countless candle lanterns decorated by children lit up the white snowfield. In additions to the candles, the festival venue was lit up with warm incandescent lamps and projection of animated lighting.

2013 Summer Festival

Candle Lantern Making Workshop took place on 3rd and 4th August at Salmon Park in Shibetsu, Hokkaido. The event was organized as part of the town’s summer festival.

Participants drew 240 salmons.

In the evening of the 4th, the candle lanterns were lit up in the form of a gigantic luminous salmon!


2012 Winter Snow Festival

The snow festival used to be lit by overly bright stadium lighting.

In 2012, Nipek proposed switching off the stadium lights and instead using candles and localized lighting to light up the snow.

A workshop was held during daytime at the festival venue and children created candle lanterns which they lit up in the evening during the event.


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