Sundial Structure

2018 Singapore


The structure installed within the lush landscape of Mapletree Business City was designed by the architecture students of NUS by using recycled timber planks. The lighting designed by Nipek revealed the form of the structure and the texture of the material by light and shade. Interior of the structure is gently illuminated with uplighting grazing the woods to create a subtle internal glow, while the lighting under the platform creates the floating effect.

Photographer: Fabian Ong

Millenia Tower & Centennial Tower


2017 Singapore


For the refurbishment of the main lobbies at Millenia Tower and Centennial Tower designed in the 90's by Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, Kevin Roche, we looked for simple yet refined and timeless lighting design.

The original lighting fixtures installed 20 years ago were mainly with halogen bulbs, which were commonly used back then before metal halide and later the LED. The goal of the refurbishment project was to respectfully re-create and bring back the original quality of the architecture and its timeless architectural lighting.

In the main lobbies of both towers, 24W LED downlight replaced the original 500W PAR56 halogen downlight. For the 15m tall space, the narrow 15 degrees beam spread is used to provide general lighting of the floor while the super narrow 6 degrees beam spread accentuates the flower display and reception counter to stand out. The effective wallwash lighting reveals the Frank Stella’s mural at Millenia Tower and James Rosenquist’s mural at Centennial Tower, making them visible even from far distance.

While we stay true to the original lighting concept for the main lobbies, we designed an array of new vertical light slots inserted in the stone walls at the lift lobbies of Centennial tower, in order to give it a fresh look for the next 20 years.

KOHLER Experience Center

Showroom / Gallery

2017 Singapore

LTW Designworks


A flagship experience center of Kohler is housed in traditional shophouses in Tanjong Pagar, a historic district within the Central Business District in Singapore.

Lighting schemes are carefully tailored to each exhibition zone by applying various lighting methods – spotlighting, back-lighting, glazing, washing, and more - to accentuate rich textures and exquisite materials, in order to amplify the interior design concepts by LTW Designworks and to offer memorable visitor’s experience by creating dramatic lighting effects.

Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt


2017 Singapore

Super Potato


The award-winning restaurant at Grand Hyatt Singapore has been renovated by the hand of the original designer Super Potato from Tokyo.

Nipek assisted the interior designer in creating the theatrical yet comfortable atmosphere for the fully-renewed Martini Bar and the brand new Party room, as well as upgrading of the lighting at the Mezza9's dining floor.

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Landscape


2017 Singapore



The terraced pool garden surrounded by the lush green is lit up with dramatic lighting highlighting the textures and layering of the stone walls and timber decks.

The walkways are well lit with concealed indirect lighting while the resting areas remain relatively dark for the comfort of the guest.

Third Ave.


2017 Singapore

Formwerkz Architects


For this 2 storey with basement residence, the lighting creates soft and warm ambiance for comfort. The waffle ceiling panel in the gold metallic finish in the basement carpark is a design feature which has the unique 2-side cove lighting and mini downlights integrated.

The soffit of the architectural roofs is softly highlighted to create floating effect. The interior and exterior space blend as we control the volume of light in each space by using a smart control system for the entire house.

One Central Park


2017 Kuala Lumpur

Urban Research Lab


For this luxury condominium with a large garden, the Nipek's scope included the landscape and common areas including the garden lounge and sky gardens. The high volume of the Garden Lounge was enhanced by the uplighters installed in the ground and underwater to light up the stone walls. Specially designed architectural lighting fixtures including the pendant light in the lounge and the bollard light in the landscape reinforced the character of the architecture.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore


2016 Singapore


Nipek had worked on the renovation / lighting enhancement of Mandarin Oriental Singapore. Lighting for the central atrium and landscape were improved by focusing on creating vertical illumination on the various feature walls for an enhanced sense of brightness and dramatic effects.

Four Seasons Voavah


2016 Maldives



Voavah is a genuinely private island with seven bedrooms, Beach House, pools, and spa.

The lighting was kept to a minimum for the guests to experience the natural lights at night – stars and moon. Despite the use of LED light sources, the color of the light was tuned to very warm candlelight white throughout the resort.

The light for jetties was designed with handcrafted ceramic reflector panels with a variation of glazing from light blue to warm orange to create a gradation of color from ocean to the beach.


Resort's Website:



2016 Hong Kong

Atelier Ikebuchi

Japan Landscape Consultants Ltd.


A play of light and shadow was designed for the clubhouse of the iconic residential property in Hong Kong island crafted by Atelier Ikebuchi with Wabi Sabi in mind. Lighting from below creates intimacy and drama throughout the spaces.

Nipek’s scope included the interior and exterior of the clubhouse, as well as the Zen gardens designed by Shunmyo Masuno.

The Westminster Nanpeidai


2016 Tokyo

Eric Parry Studio


Located midway between Shibuya and Daikanyama, Nanpeidai is a leafy district with a long and established history.

The Westminster Nanpeidai is a highly curated residential property, combining the distinguished design of renowned British architects Eric Parry Studio, with the artistry of some of Japan’s master craftsmen.

Nipek had worked with the architect for the conceptualization of the lighting designs. Uchihara Creative Lighting Design Inc. in Tokyo had worked on the detailed lighting design and realization.


Condominium Show Gallery

2015 Jakarta, Indonesia

SCDA Architects


A modern luxury apartment in Jakarta Indonesia has been officially launched in November 2015 with the completion of the stunning gallery and show flats built on the project site. Dramatic lighting of the external facade of the gallery reveals the distinctive sculptural form of the architecture. The gallery space is illuminated with museum quality spotlights and discreet architectural lighting has been designed for the two apartment show units.



Photographer: Mario Wibowo

Rail Corridor

Concept Masterplan


2015 Singapore

Grant Associates, MVRDV, Architects 61


Nipek had collaborated with one of the five shortlisted teams led by Grant Associates and MVRDV for the design competition for the Singapore government to transform the 24km former railway line to an inspired and extraordinary community space.

Our ambition was to create a dynamic lighting infrastructure that organically responds to the human traffic in order to minimize the negative impact of artificial lighting on the animals and ecosystem living in the green corridor while assuring the sufficient lighting is provided for the cyclists and pedestrians.

24km Dynamic Lighting Infrastructure

Darkness for Animal

Light for Human

Colony & Summer Pavilion


2015 Singapore

Tony Chi & Associates


Two brand new restaurants at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.

The existing architecture is highlighted with soft up-lighting to work as a background to the cozy seating areas surrounded by a number of small lanterns designed by Tony Chi. The courtyard lighting is designed so that it is visible from the interior by using moonlight effect in cooler color temperature to create a visual contrast with the warm interior lighting. For indoor mainly halogen light sources are used for supreme quality of lighting for the exceptional restaurant.


Presidential Suite,

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia


2015 Singapore

Terry Henziker


Refurbishment of the Presidential Suite on the top floor of the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.

The ceiling coffer lighting and curtain box lighting were introduced to enhance the sense of brightness by soft and warm ambient lighting while glare-less adjustable downlights create add a dramatic contrast by articulating the pillars, flowers and bespoke furniture.

Sunset View Residence


2015 Singapore

Timur Designs


The 3-story house was designed with a focus on the illumination of paintings and creating views connecting inside and outside.

In the feature staircase, the contrast of light and shadow enhances the interestingly exposed building materials such as concrete blocks and bricks.

Lau Pa Sat

Public Building / Food Market

2014 Singapore

DP Architects


Built in the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat is a national monument building and a bustling food court located in the heart of the Singapore's business district.


Nipek's lighting design aimed at revealing the beauty of the original architecture by turning the octagonal roof into a large lighting reflector, providing a soft ambient lighting for the interior while showing the structure and visually lifting up the building.

Uplighters are concealed on top of the food stalls to illuminate the building roof structure above.



2014 Bangkok

Client: Chanintr Living, Thailand

Albano Daminato / STUDIO DAMINATO


Considerable attention to lighting detail and close collaboration with the interior designer helped achieve the minimalistic yet comfortable space for the design furniture showroom in the heart of Bangkok.

Indirect lighting from the two long walls softly fills the space while the focused beam of spotlights illuminates the displayed furniture through the discreet 'black holes' in the ceiling.

Photographer: Manoo Manookulkit

Copyright of photographs: Chanintr Living


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