As LED and Projection technologies are becoming more and more accessible, the role of a lighting designer sometimes should go beyond the traditional method of creating light and shadow in space. Today it is a common practice for a lighting designer to design hardware for a media facade and the owner to engage a visual artist to create the content afterwards. This could result in the 'disintegration' of building and the media facade. To avoid this, Nipek designs both the hardware and the content so that the media facade becomes an integral part of the architecture. This involves understanding the architectural concept, form of the building, viewpoints and surrounding contents (just as we do for designing conventional facade lighting) in order to propose effective and appropriate visual contents for the architecture.

OCBC Centre

Media Facade / Lighting 'Content' Design

2013 Singapore


Nipek was commissioned to design contents for the media facade of the iconic building designed by I.M. Pei & Partners in the 70's.


Taking the inspiration from the River, Nipek defines the concept as FLOWING LIGHT.

- Organic and Mysterious Movement of Light

- Soft and Smooth Gradation of Colors


It is the light which shape and color are not defined clearly, but somewhat vague and abstract. Instead of showing sharp graphical images such as texts and pictograms, the concept intends to display a mysterious play of light and color that organically flows.

Ocean Financial Centre

Media Facade / Lighting 'Content' Design

2015 Singapore


Celebrating the Singapore's 50th anniversary, Nipek was commissioned by the building owner to create special lighting contents for the media facade.

'Laser beam' and 'Firework' added excitement to the Singapore's skyline during the celebration at Marina Bay.


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