Kinetic Wall

2019 Singapore

A state-of-the-art multimedia installation that is a first-of-its-kind in Singapore– the Funan Kinetic Wall. Spanning 13 metres in height and 9 metres in width, the Kinetic Wall features a total of 1,271 motorised light blades.


The Kinetic Wall was created for Funan, CapitaLand’s new integrated development, comprising a retail component, two office blocks and a coliving property. The engaging Kinetic art installation captures the attention of the general public with interactive and ever-changing display of light, sound and movement.


The work was created by a collaboration between Nipek, a Singapore-based lighting design collective, anno lab, a Fukuoka-based creative lab, and Tokistar, a manufacturer from Japan.

Photograph: Fumito Suzuki

Floating City

10 - 19 January 2020

National Gallery Singapore

for Light To Night Festival

In Collaboration with Knots


Ethereal towers made of string and suspended at different heights resemble skyscrapers. They are lit from within, creating a glowing city while illuminating this grand space. As you move around the installation, the towers seem to morph and even appear see-through from certain angles. Floating City is the first suspended installation in the Gallery’s Padang Atrium.

Light Playground

4 March - 31 August 2019

bbb Urban Intervention


Light Playground is an immersive installation which visualises children’s imagination through light, taking inspiration from childhood toys: kaleidoscope and wind-spinner. It aims to relive the child-like nostalgia of the area which was home to seven schools. Situated in the covered walkway of National Design Centre of Singapore, it transforms a mundane pedestrian walk, to a fun “recess” time which allows pedestrian to wonder, play, and be aware of the architecture.

Commissioned by National Heritage Board in collaboration with DesignSingapore Council to activate the urban-scape of Bras Basah Bugis district.

Sponsored by Daiko & Krislite

Photographer: Fabian Ong

The Play of Brilliants

2016 Singapore

The Play of Brilliants is an installation created by using 108 Bohemian crystal drops individually illuminated by an ultra-narrow LED parabolic reflector lamp. Using motion-tracking cameras, visitors' movements activate individual lights, creating dynamic sparkles and reflections.


A Partner Event of the Singapore Design Week


This is an exploration of the seamless integration of lighting, digital technologies and material in space.


Nipek believes that the lighting in architecture will be more and more dynamic and interactive with the new technologies in the coming years.

Over the recent years, the introduction of LEDs and its capabilities of changing colours have made our cities exciting but often too colourful and artificial.

What Nipek has been exploring is the possibility of a more seamless and sophisticated application of the digital lighting with material and space, and to create an effect that feels natural and refreshing as if you are experiencing natural lighting phenomena like sun glitter on ocean or dancing sunlight through swaying leaves.

For this temporary installation, Preciosa who is well-known for their highest quality custom chandelier has provided Bohemian crystals crafted in the Czech Republic, and an innovative lighting company Tokistar from Japan has fabricated ultra-narrow beam parabolic reflector LED lamps.


A software has been specially programmed by Annolab from Fukuoka, Japan to create the interactive lighting effect that follows the movement of people in the space captured by 3D motion-tracking cameras.


Sponsored by



Korr Lighting


Technolite Singapore


Creative Lighting Asia (Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia)


In Collaboration with



Sound by Yasuhiro Nakai

Layers of Light

2015 Singapore

Nipek designed the lighting installation by using the Japanese handcrafted “washi” paper for the main entrance of the National Design Centre for the Singapore Design Week 2015.

The translucent multi-layers are illuminated to show the beauty of the material.

Layers of Light is a meditative yet powerful expression for light and shadow, and the beauty that lies in between them. Daylight filters through the layers and creates a gradation of varying shades. After dark, the lighting is animated by the interactive LED lighting system.

This was an experimental installation to introduce an interactive lighting into a public space. The lighting changes dynamically by following human movement in the space.



Singapore Design Week

by DesignSingapore Council

The installation was made possible by generous support and collaborative works by the following companies and organizations.


Sponsored by

Sekishu Washi Kubota

Million Lighting Company

BizLink Associates (S) Pte Ltd

Technolite Singapore Pte Ltd

Krislite Pte Ltd

Kobayashi hyoguten


Supported by


Coelacanth Shokudou. LLC

Image courtesy of Sekishu Washi Kubota


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